Aspects Of Worshops

We provide cutting-edge processes for businesses, schools, and organizations. By utilizing Mindfulness, psychological diagnostics, and cognitive exploration we identify limiting beliefs and issues that prevent individuals and organizations from meeting their full potential of psychological and emotional health.


Through lecture and discussions, participants will learn how habitual reactions and self-defeating messages create anxiety, depression, and overall stress. Participants will learn how to break these patterns of thinking and reacting. Utilizing the elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills participants will gain the tools necessary to question their limiting beliefs and choose a different perspective.

Group Support

Small group breakout sessions as well as dyads to process the information and allow participants to investigate their thoughts and deepen their understanding.


During each class participants, will experience guided meditations and processes focusing on the present moment. The objective of these exercises is for the participants to develop a non-judgmental awareness and to acknowledge the physical, psychological, and emotional sensations as they arise.​

Participants will gain insight and skills in


Emotional Regulation

Distress Tolerance

Maladaptive thinking/Cognitive Distortions

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